Month: October 2010

November Stone of the Month

Agate is a crystal stone that comes in numerous variations that are distinguishable by color or markings.  The most exquisite stones are found in Southern Brazil & Northern Uruguay. In ancient Rome, agates were worn to ensure the favor of the vegetative deities, who would cause the Earth to be fruitful. It was believed that wearing the Moss Agate while gardening ensures a bountiful crop.

This stone aids in the overall balance of yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.  In regards to relationships, wearing an agate can lesson a persons fear of envy by grounding emotions and is particularly helpful for those who have trouble with forgiveness. The metaphysical and healing properties of agate crystals depend on the color. One would wear a Blue Lace Agate for peace & happiness while the Black Agate is worn to promote courage in successful competitions. Agate jewelry is often worn as a protective amulet and given to children to prevent them from falling and to adults to avoid stumbling.



10 Rules to Live and Love By (via Lapatty809's Blog)

This blog post is something we would like to share. It’s truly honest and a perfect way to kick start the weekend. Enjoy!

10 Rules to Live and Love By I read these rules on and I cliffsnote-it all up for you to enjoy as well. I know Fun Fridays are supposed to be fun, but I thought that this inspirational piece can also be a fun thing to try. Well, at least for me because these rules resonate with the truth and spirit I want to live by. 1. Love. See life through a lens of love rather than fear. 2. Forgive. Be willing to forgive yourself and your partner, and to make amends when necess … Read More

via Lapatty809's Blog

October Stone of the Month

Onyx, a protective stone, comes in not only black, but brown, red, black, white and grey. Onyx is a type of quartz found in Brazil, India, California and Uruguay, and is believed to give protection, contain defensive magic, and reduce sexual desires.  When used as a healing stone, onyx strengthens and cures diseases of the heart and kidneys, reduces stress and neurological disorders, and improves eyesight.

In ancient Rome, soldiers would wear onyx carved with Hercules or Mars, so that wearer could become just as brave as the depicted God. Black onyx is also believed to be a good stone when breaking an undesirable habit, or being more productive.


Elements of Miriam Jewels

Many people wonder what makes Miriam Jewels so unique to the industry. Today we will be discussing the different types of materials in MJ’s jewelry. We will  first start with fine silver and then move on to gold fill. These two elements hold the most importance in creating your favorite MJ pieces!

Fine Silver is 99.9% pure silver completely free of alloys. It’s counterpart, sterling silver, contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloys. With that being said, fine silver is much less resistant to tarnish as sterling silver because of the level of purity. The addition of alloys (usually copper is added) to sterling silver give the metal a more solid back-frame, hence the reason why the majority of jewelry is made from sterling silver. Fine silver is generally too soft for producing objects, but perfect for making wire crochet jewelry! Miriam uses only fine silver wire to crochet her beloved collection.

Gold fill vs Gold plated- Gold fill is produced when a layer of gold is heated and bonded to an alloy base, which is typically brass. The strong bond prevents the gold from chipping off making it a step below pure solid gold. When you wear gold plated jewelry, often times your finger will turn green or the jewelry will lose it’s luxurious color over time. This is due to the fact that a thin layer of gold is chemically or electrically deposited on top of either silver or copper to create gold plated pieces. Invest a little more money on your jewelry by purchasing gold fill!!! It is much like a solid gold item (look & durability), but at the fraction of the cost.

Watch out for our next blog about the mythical properties of Miriam Jewels!