November Stone of the Month

Agate is a crystal stone that comes in numerous variations that are distinguishable by color or markings.  The most exquisite stones are found in Southern Brazil & Northern Uruguay. In ancient Rome, agates were worn to ensure the favor of the vegetative deities, who would cause the Earth to be fruitful. It was believed that wearing the Moss Agate while gardening ensures a bountiful crop.

This stone aids in the overall balance of yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.  In regards to relationships, wearing an agate can lesson a persons fear of envy by grounding emotions and is particularly helpful for those who have trouble with forgiveness. The metaphysical and healing properties of agate crystals depend on the color. One would wear a Blue Lace Agate for peace & happiness while the Black Agate is worn to promote courage in successful competitions. Agate jewelry is often worn as a protective amulet and given to children to prevent them from falling and to adults to avoid stumbling.


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