Month: December 2010

January 2011 Stone of The Month

Considered the mystical birthstone for the month of October,  jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony quartz that can be found in California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Washington. This mineral comes in multiple colors due to it’s impurities. The mystical powers and energy omitted by a jasper vary depending on color. Below are a few of the most common colors used by Miriam Jewels.

Red Jasper: (Energy: Protective, Planet:Mars, Element: Fire) Brings us health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence. Promotes beauty and grace if worn by young women.

Brown Jasper: (Energy: Receptive, Planet: Venus, Element: Earth) Boosts the immune system and aids in centering and grounding oneself. Wear this color stone if you tend to relive your life in the past.

Ocean Jasper: helps one accept responsibilities, nutritional stabilization, improve digestion and assist in detoxification, develop patience and help with circular breathing during meditation.

Fancy Jasper aka Green Jasper: (Energy: Receptive, Planet: Venue, Element: Earth) Used primarily for healing. Halts hallucinations and promotes restful sleep. Enables one to become more sympathetic to others.

A jasper is most effective when used for long periods of time with the Root chakra. Generally, this stone promotes mental awareness and protects one against physical and nonphysical hazards. Carrying the mineral during childbirth is believed to alleviate pain!

Sources: & Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic.




Learn about an element that can help you gain clarity and focus

Are you finding it difficult to wake up in the morning? Do you sit at your cubical stressing over a project that you cannot seem to concentrate on? Then continue reading this blog entry and learn about the healing properties of Copper!

Copper is considered a mineral of energy and mental agility. In legend, copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes, who facilitates that mental agility, and quick wit.” -Crystals And

Copper is an earth element that has been utilized over the past 11,000 years. Because it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, many believe in it’s ability to transmit spiritual energy through a variety of entities. Cooper also holds the power of amplifying thoughts. Other elements, crystals, or minerals that possess traces of copper will reap the same metaphysical benefits.

What can copper help relieve?

-alleviates cramp like symptoms

-promote the smooth functioning of the glands

-help prevent wear, tear and calcification of the joints.

-improve the circulation of blood

From Shimmerlings jewelry:

“Beginning in the 1970s in the United States, copper used as a healing agent began to increase. People who believe in its power esteem it as a very powerful assistant with arthritic and rheumatic diseases, but also look to it for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.”


December Stone of the Month

With it’s beautiful green hue, the emerald represents our planet and is regarded as one of the most expensive stones on the market. The finest pieces come from Columbia or South America.

Emeralds can promote love, money, mental powers, psychism, protection, exorcism, and eyesight. For instance, use an emerald as a gazing-stone to relieve tired, weary eyes.  By doing so, it enables the optic nerve to relax and restore normal sight. Wear one to strengthen  memory & to produce eloquent speech! Using the stone during the spring or full moon will optimize it’s healing properties. For best results in magic, set an emerald in silver or copper.

Emeralds are also the stone of love and are associated with the heart chakra. They preserve love and symbolize hope; give a loved one an emerald to create harmony within the relationship. Business spells and rituals utilize emeralds in order to increase sales and public awareness of their brand or product.



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