December Stone of the Month

With it’s beautiful green hue, the emerald represents our planet and is regarded as one of the most expensive stones on the market. The finest pieces come from Columbia or South America.

Emeralds can promote love, money, mental powers, psychism, protection, exorcism, and eyesight. For instance, use an emerald as a gazing-stone to relieve tired, weary eyes.  By doing so, it enables the optic nerve to relax and restore normal sight. Wear one to strengthen  memory & to produce eloquent speech! Using the stone during the spring or full moon will optimize it’s healing properties. For best results in magic, set an emerald in silver or copper.

Emeralds are also the stone of love and are associated with the heart chakra. They preserve love and symbolize hope; give a loved one an emerald to create harmony within the relationship. Business spells and rituals utilize emeralds in order to increase sales and public awareness of their brand or product.



Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, & Metal Magic

Shimmerlings Jewelry


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  1. How interesting Emerald is my birthstone! I didn’t realize just how close your right up about the stone was actually about me Please read my bio on etsy and you will see what Im talking about! I love it when I find things out that just seem to click with me! THANKS! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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