Stone of The Month – Moss Agate

Circle earrings

Did you know that moss agates are considered to be the most powerful of the agates? It was favored by warriors and believed to bring the wearer health, friends and riches. The Occult Living blog “Sacred to the heart and base chakra, it is wonderful for relieving blockages and energizing these sectors. The moss agate has a wonderfully receptive energy, with its guardian planet being Mercury, it makes it a great communicator stone, particularly concerned with communication of a more elemental style.”

Zodiac:  Virgo

Element:  Earth

Chakra:  Heart


Planet:  Moon

Typical colors – Green, blue, red, yellow, brown


Mythical powers:

  • Grounding stone that connects you with earth
  • Bring peace and stability
  • Speed up recovery and counteract long-term illnesses
  • Eliminates depression
  • Prevents hypoglycemia, dehydration, colds and flus.




Psychic Revelation

Healing Crystals

Occult Living

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