Miriam Jewels is an art studio located in Poway, CA. Brazilian born artist, Miriam Chor Freitas, the inspiration behind Miriam Jewels, came to the United States bringing with her two generations of family tradition in the jewelry trade. Despite her artistic inclinations, she first pursued a meaningful career in Child Welfare services; before talent and creativity took over and her art came to fruition. Miriam Jewels boasts a signature wire crochet jewelry collection with pieces that are bold and lavish; yet elegant and unique wearable pieces of art that truly reflect both her highly sophisticated taste and the sensitivity of every woman.
 Miriam Jewels’ colorful, bold, and eclectic jewelry collections represent the various aspects of Miriam’s heritage. The vivaciousness of Brazil, the laid-back California style, the influence of artisan cultures and the classic style of fine jewelry; different aspects that blended together became Miriam Jewels. Her collections include the Classic Crochet Jewelry Collection, the Gypsy Crochet Jewelry Collection and the Inca Crochet Jewelry Collection. Miriam also collaborates with other extremely gifted artists who create innovative pieces of jewelry that add to and complement the Miriam Jewels’ collections.

Miriam has even traveled abroad to learn a special technique from experts in the art of making wire crochet jewelry. All the pieces are created by making one kind of stitch that is perfectly symmetrical in order to create a distinctive lamellar effect that characterizes the jewelry. The results are beautiful, original, and eye-catching handcrafted pieces of jewelry.

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