Wedding Trends: Sexy backs and Conservative tops


Remember the old adage, less is more? Well, in bridal fashion that is far from the case! Designers are now pairing sweetheart necklines with lacy cover up’s. They are also adding a bit of a sexy touch to wedding gowns with plunging backs and intricate lace. Pair your gown with Miriam’s Moon earrings and you’re all set to go! These earrings can carry you through every occasion.

Here are some additional trends for brides:

5 New Wedding Gown Trends

Lace Dress Trends


From Instore Mag: Is 2013 The Year of Vintage?


Rachel Weisz wearing a necklace by Bulgari

Trace Shelton seems to think so!

WHILE THE “vintage jewelry” look has been showing up in more and more jewelry designers’ collections over the past couple of years, the style seems to be cresting in 2013, with several big-name designers and fashion houses capitalizing on the trend that the popular British TV show Downton Abbey and the upcoming The Great Gatsby feature film have brought to the fore….. Read more

Doesn’t the shape of the Bulgari necklace above remind you of this piece from our collection??


Bachelorette Weekend

Polyvore Set

Wedding planning can be so stressful. Do you know what else can be stressful? Being a part of a bridal party! The job of a bridesmaid ceases to end. When it’s all said and done, a bridesmaid couldn’t be happier for their bride to be friend.

One of the perks of being invited to a wedding is of course the bachelorette party. Weekend trips to Vegas has become the most popular destination. Along with being budget conscious, the only other problem is figuring out what to bring! In this set, we picked out 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and 3 dresses to get you through a weekend away. Each piece was meant to seamlessly match one  another so that you can build the perfect outfit. Don’t forget the accessories! We added our own touch with a pair of Miriam Jewels Sun earrings.

What are your go to pieces for a weekend getaway?

Stone of The Month – Moss Agate

Circle earrings

Did you know that moss agates are considered to be the most powerful of the agates? It was favored by warriors and believed to bring the wearer health, friends and riches. The Occult Living blog “Sacred to the heart and base chakra, it is wonderful for relieving blockages and energizing these sectors. The moss agate has a wonderfully receptive energy, with its guardian planet being Mercury, it makes it a great communicator stone, particularly concerned with communication of a more elemental style.”

Zodiac:  Virgo

Element:  Earth

Chakra:  Heart


Planet:  Moon

Typical colors – Green, blue, red, yellow, brown


Mythical powers:

  • Grounding stone that connects you with earth
  • Bring peace and stability
  • Speed up recovery and counteract long-term illnesses
  • Eliminates depression
  • Prevents hypoglycemia, dehydration, colds and flus.




Psychic Revelation

Healing Crystals

Occult Living

Experimenting with Colored Wires

We were truly inspired by the up coming season – SPRING! These are a couple samples of new designs that will launch this year.

After experimenting with metal base wires last year, Miriam thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the combination of colored wires with copper, gold and silver. If you’ve visited Miriam Jewels at the La Jolla Open Aire Market, you might have seen some of the Telar and Classic crochet rings featuring a mix of gold and silver wire. They are extremely popular at Mixture and Hunt & Gather boutique in San Diego.

La Jolla Open Aire Market – March 10th

open aire market


We enjoy selling here and have found that our most loyal customers always come back to the market in search of our booth. Miriam normally sells at the market every other Sunday.

About the market: Every Sunday, the upper playground at La Jolla Elementary is transformed into a colorful, friendly and wholesome Farmer’s Market. Come experience the community feel, live music, creative artisans, diverse food court, and local farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
Consistently ranked as one of the largest and best farmers markets in San Diego, our Sunday Market in La Jolla has grown to become one of the premier weekly events for locals and tourists alike. Families and their kids can enjoy the live music, playgrounds, and grass fields to run and play on.

Visit them at their website La Jolla Open Aire Market

Visit them on Yelp and write a review!