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Trending Now: Y-Necklaces

for INSTORE Magazine writes about the Y-Necklace trend that seems to be sweeping the fashion world:

“For quite some time now I’ve seen one article after another about the “Downton Abbey” effect on fashion. Yet, I haven’t seen anything pointing to the return of Y-necklaces. And, frankly, that surprises me. First, because Y-necks have been trickling back onto the jewelry scene and, second, because their very roots are believed by many to date back to the post-Edwardian era—yes, the time in which PBS’s popular British period drama series is set.

But “Downton Abbey” aside for a moment, the runways, too, are playing a role in the Y-necklace’s return. From New York to Paris, in their 2013 spring and fall collections, fashion’s big names focused on the V-neckline—inarguably a perfect backdrop for a Y-necklace. To imagine just how perfect, think of Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes in January. Wearing an 83-carat diamond necklace from Chopard, Ms. Poehler was one of the night’s showstoppers. And while the mega-watt diamond design was, technically, more Y-like, it forecasted the jewelry design direction. Well, to be more accurate, the jewelry design RE-direction . . . Read more

This particular trend has been a long standing part of our collection. See a few of our designs below:

long y

Sterling silver crochet water mixed with assorted stones.




Moon Stones wrapped in sterling silver crochet wire. The middle stone is a Swarovski crystal.



New Innovation

New Innovation

We are proud to present a brand new way to wear our wire crochet pieces. This particular design can be worn as a purse clip, broach, necklace or bracelet. It’s design was inspired by the unique trendsetter and girl on the go. Converting this piece into something entirely different is as easy as 1-2-3.
Not available on our online store yet! Email us for more details info@miriamjewels.com

April Stone Of The Month – Carnelian

Carnelian close up



The carnelian (aka cornelian) comes in a variety of colors and belongs to the chalcedony family. The most powerful colors are red and deep orange. These gemstones are commonly sourced from India, Britain, Iceland and Peru. In ancient Egyptian times, the carnelian was placed in tombs as “magic armor” to protect the dead in the afterlife. The noble class were buried with this gemstone to show their stance in society.

The name carnelian is derived from the Latin word meaning “flesh” which is appropriate for the healing powers of this stone. It promotes balanced digestion, encourages the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the small intestine and stimulates the metabolism. If a pregnant women is experiencing abdominal pain, she should place a carnelian on the pubic bone everyday for 20 minutes to reduce the pain. Additional powers include:

  • Protects against envy, rage and resentment
  • Helps one overcome abuse of any kind
  • Treatment for healing open sores, rheumatism and kidney stones
  • Prevents dark forces from entering or influencing one’s mind
  • Grounding energy for home or office in Feng Shui
  • Use with citrine for Feng Shui gem tree for wealth
  • Promotes self confidence

Chakra: Second, Sacral/Navel

Birthstone: May, July, August

Zodiac: Virgo. Also stone of Taurus. Promotes zest for Aries and Gemini

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars


Sources: About.com- Feng Shui, Crystal Cure, Shimmerlings, Crystal Vaults






Wedding Trends: Sexy backs and Conservative tops


Remember the old adage, less is more? Well, in bridal fashion that is far from the case! Designers are now pairing sweetheart necklines with lacy cover up’s. They are also adding a bit of a sexy touch to wedding gowns with plunging backs and intricate lace. Pair your gown with Miriam’s Moon earrings and you’re all set to go! These earrings can carry you through every occasion.

Here are some additional trends for brides:

5 New Wedding Gown Trends

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Bachelorette Weekend

Polyvore Set

Wedding planning can be so stressful. Do you know what else can be stressful? Being a part of a bridal party! The job of a bridesmaid ceases to end. When it’s all said and done, a bridesmaid couldn’t be happier for their bride to be friend.

One of the perks of being invited to a wedding is of course the bachelorette party. Weekend trips to Vegas has become the most popular destination. Along with being budget conscious, the only other problem is figuring out what to bring! In this set, we picked out 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and 3 dresses to get you through a weekend away. Each piece was meant to seamlessly match one  another so that you can build the perfect outfit. Don’t forget the accessories! We added our own touch with a pair of Miriam Jewels Sun earrings.

What are your go to pieces for a weekend getaway?